Monday, March 24, 2008

A little less malt and a lot more action

In all the years I spent in her kitchen, Mom never told me how hard cooking a holiday meal was. I always watched bemusedly as she ran around haphazardly, trying to make sure the rolls were done at the same time as the potatoes.

It all comes back to bite you, huh?

This past Sunday, let's just say I ended up with what my dear sister so kindly referenced as a 'floor ham'.

Anyway, let's focus on the more positive aspects of the meal. I made a rather complicated recipe from Better Homes & Gardens, a Malted Mousse Cake. It involved gelatin and whipping cream and malt. It came out lighter than a cheesecake, and keeps well in the fridge. I was highly disappointed at the lack of malt taste in the final product. I'd recommend doubling, if not tripling it in the final product.

In addition, for those of you who approach the Easter candy aisle with as much trepidation as I, if you go for these, assuming they are festive eggs to put on top of your lovely cake, they are not:

They will look more like candied rabbit poop than robin's eggs. After Jim Bob and his fifteen children stormed the candies in front of me, I grabbed what I thought was the best option. Whoppers, why do you deceive me so? They did not land on the final cake. Instead, sprinkles helped make a colorful Springtime nod.

I subbed the crust ingredients because Texas grocery stores generally don't carry ameretti. Nor hazelnuts. I crushed up some Pecan sandies and pecans instead. Tasty!

Recipe here.

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