Monday, March 17, 2008

The Great Elgin Sausage Debate

Something that's kind of important to the local Texas cuisine is barbeque. When making the long trip between Austin and Houston, many travelers stop in Elgin, Texas for hot Elgin sausage. What is Elgin sausage? The website Dallas Food has a lowdown of the regular places. It's a peppery sausage made from mostly beef, including the tripe, made with natural casings.

There's a local sausage rivalry that might rival Pat's and Geno's were it not for the laid-back nature of most Texan road-trippers. Homesick Texan and I are on different sides of the debate. She prefers Southside, whereas I definitely side with Meyer's.

I am in the process of fully appreciating the fact that I can go to any local grocery store and pick up either of these sausages, fresh and pre-cooked.

Mr. O and I celebrated an important anniversary yesterday, and I picked up some Meyer's from the store. Unfortunately, the local grubs don't carry Meyer's BBQ sauce (no big deal for Mr. O. He much prefers Southside on this one, but his favorite sauce by far is Rudy's) but did carry Salt Lick sauce. He loves sweet sauces, whereas I prefer spicy and vinegary ones. Thankfully, we can both agree on Ruby's for regular 'que most of the time. (People really are this dedicated to their barbeque joints, I swear.)

Sliced on fresh rolls, Elgin sausage can't be beat. I am defying the rule which states 'meat must be served with white bread', but I figure since I'm upgrading the rule it's still mostly okay. The sausage has a nice bite to it, and is flavorful (as well as slightly hot).

p.s. I love Cooper's the best. Don't go there expecting Elgin sausage though; that's for Elgin.


Hans said...

I am an Elgin local and I have to go with Southside all the way. Not only do I prefer the flavor but the prices are a bit more economical.

As far as a sauce though I think that Rudy's beats them all hands down.

Murphy said...

I live in Elgin and prefer have missed the boat if you haven't tried this locally preferred BBQ joint.

lunettes said...

I'll try it on the next way through! Thanks for the recommendation.

Jen Noble said...

I buy Meyer's... but I've never stopped in Elgin despite going through there at least once a month.

The perils of traveling with silly little dogs.

Nickname unavailable said...

I definitely agree with Murphy. I am an Elgin native and have had my fill of Myers, Southside, and Crosstown. Crosstown is the best. It's not on 290 though like the other two; it's downtown.