Monday, March 24, 2008

Egg Abhorrence

I hate eggs.

I really hate eggs.

On holidays, my mother still has to sneak boiled eggs into my grandmother's prized stuffing recipe before I notice. I still pick them out.

The texture is what gets me. The rubbery, gelatinous, sulphuric protein has been a bane of my existence. When I lived with a host family in France, the father one night made a giant plate of scrambled eggs for dinner. I went hungry. (okay, that's an extreme way of putting it. I just ate bread and cheese instead.) Mr. O's mother presented me with a scrambled egg casserole for breakfast within twelve hours of me meeting his family for the first time. Not about to say no, I ate the plate-sized portion handed to me and haven't let him forget since.

But it just wouldn't be Easter without deviled eggs. My sister is the best deviled eggs constructor. I pale in comparison to hers, but mine are still pretty good.

Mr. O kept me company while I colored the eggs.

And then he kept me company the next day while I peeled and deviled them. This part makes me gag a little.

With enough mustard, I'll even eat the yellow part.

Oh, and my family recipe for most things holiday relies heavily on this stuff:

Sorry, can't share the recipe for this one. Perhaps Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes from Simple to Sassy will help you on your journey to find the perfect devily goodness.

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