Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Lee Bros. have arrived!

I just wanted to extend a giant THANK YOU to The Delicious Life for the lovely copy of The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook: Stories and Recipes for Southerners and Would-be Southerners. It is such amazing reading!

And behold, the amazing power of the cookbook cover:

Who the hell else could pull off a vine belt? Not me, I tell you.

And the Lee Bros. have the tenacity to put shucked oysters on their tidewater summer buffet! Maybe it's spring there, too, and they won't be stuck with salmonella.

But seriously, all their recipes come with a story or two. And they're funny, so I'd definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book online or through your local inter-library loan program.

I will most certainly be posting some fixings from this book, and though I'm interested in the boiled peanuts I don't think I can make do with ten pounds of said peanuts in my tiny matchbox apartment. Perhaps one day, right.

Thanks again, Delicious!

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