Thursday, April 10, 2008

Soup du jour

Okay, I admit it. The blog post I did over waffles with creamed mushrooms? I mainly ate the waffles. So I had a lot of creamed mushrooms left over.

Thankfully, the recipe from that turns into an excellent soup when added to milk and some chicken base.

I really just used this as a vehicle for croutons and gruyere. I subsided on gruyere when I spent time in Lyon. They had some interesting dishes, the gastronomic capital of France. Fish quenelles, fish in puff pastry, come to mind--though they were one of the tastier things I sampled while I was there. I developed a strong distaste for beaujolais nouveau and a near fear of sausage at the same time, but oh, the cheeses. Fried chevre on salads, huge chunks of gruyere on midday sandwiches, brie (2 euro for a half pound!) with bread on the run. Raw milk wins my heart over.

Oh, I was talking about soup?

Use the creamed mushrooms recipe and add 2-4 cups milk along with some chicken bullion. Add salt to taste, top with croutons and cheese if you like. Quick and easy!

Also, don't eat the decorative thyme on accident like I did.

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