Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicken a la Corn Flakes

I was stumbling through this month's new issue of Bon Appetit when I saw that Orangette is getting her own column. How exciting!

In the same issue, I noticed that Cat Cora, of Food Network fame, has sold her soul to McCormick and started hocking recipes laden with McCormick (brand) spices and of all things, corn flakes. It's almost "fried!"

Now, "fried" and I don't work together any more. If I tell my body I'm going to eat "fried" anything, I usually get sick for the next week. Sometimes I try to sneak it in in small doses, but these days it seems like things are heading for the worse. Any alternatives for "fried" things are better than no fried at all.

Instead of the usual egg-wash undercoating, I decided to bump up my fat intake for the day (which seems unaffiliated with the "fried" problems my body has decided to leap upon with vigor) and cover the chicken in ranch dressing first. I mean, hell, if we're cooking with Corn Flakes, why not add some other fine processed products as well?

Doused with sesame seeds, the final product wasn't half bad. The corn flakes add a nice crunch (though nothing like fried, thankyouverymuch) and the overall taste was more flavorful than bland. Not fried, but not bad.

Cat Cora herself recommends you add McCormick Brand sage, cayenne, mustard, sesame seeds and paprika to the final fixings. And maybe some Ouzo to finish.

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