Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fluffy Clouds of Mallow

As I was scouring Tastespotting last night in a vain attempt to put off doing actual work, slashfood reminded me that I had been planning to make marshmallows for some time.

Brownie Points has my favorite recipe, mostly because her PDF has half-recipe recommendations written right in. Last night was a half-recipe night.

When you make marshmallows, my one recommendation is to liberally coat every surface that will even think about touching mallow in powdered sugar. As you are cutting mallows, throw them in with even more powdered sugar. This will ensure that you do not end up with mallow hands, unless that's what you're into.

Today as I was chopping mallow blocks in squares, I thought it would be fun to make some covered in chocolate. I successfully nuked a white chocolate bunny turned purple from the Easter holidays and began to microwave some dark chocolate. I became so enamored with the resulting purple blocks that I kind of forgot about the microwaved dark chocolate, and now it smells like burning in lunette's residence. No dark chocolate mallows are to be had.

You know what smells like burning in a good way? My lovely sister obtained for me the following gift upon the Christmas holidays:

Yeah, baby.

I love fire. I'm definitely a closet pyromaniac. Homemade toasted mallows are even better than the ones out of a bag. Just keep a strong supply of lighter fluid nearby and you're set with one of these suckers. (I'm not hardcore enough to get an AB-inspired blowtorch from the local hardware store).

What's toasted mallow without chocolate and graham crackers? Well, seeing as I had temporarily killed off my chocolate supply and am not about to traverse the mid-day grocery crowds for the sake of graham crackers, I rummaged around and found some Quaker Multigrain Honey Graham Minis. After torching the bites, they were topped with chocolate syrup. Almost as good as s'mores. No. Who the hell am I kidding? They weren't anything as good. They were okay, though.

Recipe here.

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