Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Review: That Popcorn Place

Mr. O's roommate stumbled upon a gift certificate which he deemed 'a chore' instead of 'fun opportunity', so I had the chance to check out a place I've been meaning to try for a while (but, you know, it requires walking and stuff).

That Popcorn Place, specifically the location on 1914 Guadalupe in Austin, hosts a veritable barrage of popcorn flavors.

Popcorn laying in the greenery at the University of Texas campus... yes, people were staring. All in the name of food bloggery!

That Popcorn Place is a family-run business that's trying to make it on the cutthroat food industry strip known as the 'Drag' to locals. When I was there, they had a ton of orders, so it looks like they're doing all right!

I had a lot of trouble determining what flavors to try, but I tested them out on my class and the favorite by far was the following:

Yes, I know. Dill Pickle? It's their best-seller. Salt and vinegar and dill (all natural flavorings) come together to make a very memorable popcorn flavor.

Other flavors I got included Funfetti (fruit flavors and vanilla, the vanilla being pretty addictive as well), Kettle Corn (unmemorable after all the other awesomely strong flavors!), and toffee (a very sweet candied popcorn reminiscent of sweet, sweet toffee flavor).

My favorite, on the other hand, was their new sopapilla. Look at the cinnamon!

A sickeningly addictive blend of honey and cinnamon flavors, the bag is almost gone. And my stomach hurts, but in a good way. I give this one about seven stars out of five.

$1.50 for a generous 'snack' bag, delivery available. Also comes in chocolate-covered flavors, though on the day I went it was a bit too hot to fathom them lasting more than a few minutes in the sun.


Larry Archer said...

I mentioned this to a popcorn-addicted friend of mine ... after checking their website, he notified me that they're closing.

Actually, it's after 4:00 now, and today was the last day, so I guess they're gone :(

lunettes said...

When I found out, I was very sad. They're closing to spend more time with family, which I think is a wonderful reason.

I'm going to miss the sopapilla.