Thursday, April 22, 2010

The New Decornographers

After reading this post on Jezebel about The New Decornographers, I think it's important to remember the following:

1) Keeping up a blog is HARD.  Especially when life hits.  Sometimes, there are going to be lulls in posts- but it doesn't mean that the person's gone, just that something besides The Internets happened that day.  Today, Mr. O and I went on a long walk in the last of the cool rainy weather, so I didn't post anything substantial towards my project.  However, I did see entire families of deer along the way, and that was way better than writing a post about rearranging your spices.  Sorry, blogosphere.

2)  I need to keep in mind for myself, in the upcoming weeks, that the strategies for keeping kitchens streamlined is PRECISELY to create less work in the long run.  I am a lazy, lazy person and will attempt to give shortcuts and the long version, if it doesn't take too long to type up.  My photos are the results of 50-100 pictures out of camera and a crapton of overediting.  And my cleaning techniques?  90% of the time I go the lazy route.  More time for sleeping, yes?

3) Jezebel rocks.  Seriously, go read it sometime.  It's a nice reality check.


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