Thursday, January 3, 2008


As a new year begins, I return to the ghosts in my closet. Fortunately, this ghost comes in a more friendly manner than most: the form of frozen meals from a month past. Piled upon brown rice, this was a nice welcome back on a cold winter's night.

Taken from the ever lovely Paula Deen, this Savannah Gumbo recipe really isn't doused in butter. Made with smoked sausage (I prefer mine skinless) and large chunks of chicken, the recipe gets a douse of color care of yours truly who managed to forget the okra in this particular batch. The vibrant green of the softened okra is normally more of a tender, olive vegetable that adds a certain thickness to the gumbo. The liquid never gets past a nice chocolate-colored brown, unlike most seafood gumbos which end up much more sea-like in both flavor and appearance.

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Mary said...

Those look really great. Makes me want to express myself through cooking more often! Thanks for sharing.