Monday, January 14, 2008

Bar hopping

After an inspiration from Coconut& Lime, I decided to try my hand at cereal bars.

Do you know what I hate more than anything in the world?

I resist it, I put it off, and I avoid it at all costs.

Cleaning dishes, that is.

Thankfully Mr. O. is a gracious dish-cleaner. Unfortunately, he hates oats. So these are all mine.

I made some lovely breakfast cereal bars of my own. However, I put my magnificent silpat to the test and shaped them out on the silicone baking sheet instead of throwing them in a pan. They baked and remained relatively bar-shaped.

Do you know what the benefit of using a silpat in thic recipe is? I mean, besides the lack of scrubbing.

Look here:

Sweetened condensed milk + slow-cooking temperature = dulce de leche. Which means you get little heaven-sent droplets of caramely goodness in addition to all that fiber and such. I could just die happy right now.

See Coconut + Lime's blog for the recipe. Add your own happiness. My version: Texas pecans and dried cherries.

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