Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot recipe of the week: Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Lemon and Milk

I'm coming out from the corridors of the library archives to say hello. I'm sorry I've been gone. One month out from finishing my final reports has left lunettes a very tired, boring cook. I can't write about pasta and meatballs every week for a month, and lentil soup never ever looks pretty when I make it.

On the other hand, something piqued my interest this week. Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn had a recipe linked for Jamie Oliver's Chicken with Lemon and Milk. I decided to pick up a chicken yesterday and give it a try.

I had to substitute limes for lemons and some dried herbs for fresh, but it was a really nice chicken. It's kind of hard to futz this up.

I had some trouble turning the chicken as it had a tendency to stick to the pan while browning, so be warned some of the skin will go during the process. Thankfully my enameled cast iron cleans up really pretty with a good soak.

I made sure to leave the pot lid on for an hour and then basted and uncovered the chicken for the last thirty minutes. The result was a moist, tender chicken with a great sauce.

I couldn't really taste the cinnamon in the dish. I did take Apartment Therapy's recommendations and used the pan drippings for potatoes.... butter and chicken fat can never go wrong. It was good.

All in all, I'd make the dish again. The curdled milk isn't as gross as it seems - the 'cheese' gets a really nice, butty flavor and the sauce goes very well with the chicken, which is moist as all get-out to begin with.

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talat said...

It's almost midnight and I wouldn't mind trying some of your chicken right now. It looks delicious. Jamie Oliver is an awesome chef. I read today that he cooked the dinner for the Obamas in London. Jackie @