Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meditation on mushrooms

it's like mushroom nirvana.

So my produce box is turning out to be a really fun thing. It's not easy - Mr. O doesn't really like greens but he's tolerating them. In addition, one of the banes of organic, local produce is using that or figuring out how to preserve it before it goes bad.

This week, I got some amazing portabella mushrooms. The sun was setting and I just had to take some pictures while the getting was good and the contractors were not directly on my balcony.

I can't suggest helping your local CSA or organic delivery service (seriously, how cool is Austin?) enough, especially now. While it may be a luxury, I look at it in the long run as much less food on grocery trips and helping out my local farmers who are doing some amazing work now that the winter months are quickly subsiding in central Texas.

I want to play those gills. I wonder what they would sound like?

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