Friday, August 7, 2009

Review: House Pizzeria

I'm starting this post with an admission: This review is going to be biased. very biased.

Mr. O and I celebrated a very special day here. We are lucky enough to have friends that are more than cool with us having our wedding (!) shower at one of the best and newest pizza/pubs in Austin, House Pizzeria.

cupcakes: peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla (not provided by House Pizzeria)

On to the food:

Meatballs! (mmm.)

Rosemary, goat cheese and potato pizza (my favorite!)

Eggplant tapenade (awesome)

Seriously, this place kicks ass. And I'm not just saying that because I love everyone there. The pizza is excellent and the beer is plentiful.

I probably shouldn't have used "kicks ass" and "wedding shower" in the same post, but it's that good.

Go visit if you haven't!

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